Assurpharma is the name of the collaboration project between Belgian pharmacists and insurers.

What is Assurpharma?

If your medicines are reimbursed by a hospitalisation or outpatient insurance policy, you can have your BVAC certificates sent digitally from the pharmacy to MedExel.

It is simple and fast!

Your Assurpharma card (1 card per person) is also available in your personal My MedExel tool. The pharmacist will scan the barcode on your smartphone.


With Assurpharma, we simplify your administration.

How to use it

One card is sent per affiliated family member. This card is personal and valid for the ‘Health Care’ guarantee for any type of reimbursement request that you have and this only for the medicines that qualify for reimbursement in accordance with the general and special conditions of your contract.

When you purchase medicines, the pharmacist scans the barcode on your Assurpharma card or your smartphone, after which the certificates are sent quickly, digitally and securely to MedExel. In this way, certificates no longer need to be sent by post, e-mail or via My MedExel. We simplify your administration.

You receive a proof of sending from the pharmacist with a unique code. You can use this code if you have any questions about this specific reimbursement.

Many pharmacies are already able to read this barcode and to send the certificates digitally to MedExel in a secure manner.