About MedExel

About MedExel

What is MedExel?

MedExel is a service provided by Promut cvba for employers and their insurance companies:

We manage policies for healthcare and guaranteed income taken out by employers for their employees.

  • Promut cvba has 35 years of experience in the management of medical funds for companies. Our extensive knowledge of the social security sector and of medical invoices is the basis of our success.
  • Our services consist of ‘Third Party Administration’ (TPA): a full service for the management of healthcare insurance policies (hospitalisation, outpatient care, etc.), supported by the AssurCard and Assurpharma third party payers system as well as the management of guaranteed income insurance policies.

What do we do?

Management from A to Z

As Third Party Administrator (TPA), MedExel manages group healthcare (hospitalisation, outpatient care) and the guaranteed income policies that employers take out for their personnel at the behest of the employer and the insurance company. MedExel can take care of the management of all the administrative steps for you, from collecting premiums to paying hospital invoices as well as the payment of interest and/or premium waiver.

A wide range of tasks that are part of the management of occupational health insurance can be delegated fully to MedExel. 

Count on MedExel for …

A close monitoring of joiners and premiums 

  • acceptance of new prospective insured persons (monthly)
  • keeping the file of insured persons up-to-date
  • the calculation of the premiums (monthly)
  • the monthly issue of the premium statements (principal insured persons)
  • the collection of the premiums
  • The individual collection of premiums via direct debit (co-insured)

Fast processing of claims

  • the management and reimbursement of claims within 10 working days
  • the archiving of claims files

A user-friendly solution for your insured persons

  • the third party payers card AssurCard (https://www.medexel.be/en/assurcard) with kiosk service and web access (so that your insured do not have to make any payments in advance in the event of hospitalisation)
  • Assurpharma: the automatic and digital transfer of BVAC certificates by the pharmacist to MedExel

A trilingual call centre (Dutch, French and English)

  • our call centre is reachable from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • e-mails are answered within 48 hours

Thorough analysis and reporting

  • a monthly report of the new joiners and closed cases
  • A detailed analysis and reporting of expenditure

Support in communication

  • presentations and brochures for your insured (in Dutch, French and English)
  • presentations within the company, e.g. to the works council or staff members

For whom?

A customised service for every type of enterprise

Various organisations and companies can call on the services of MedExel:

  • Multinationals
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government institutions
  • SMEs

Whatever type of health care or guaranteed income policy you offer your employees: do not hesitate to contact us for an exploratory discussion about how MedExel can help you.

Why choose MedExel?

Five advantages of our added value

1. Experience with health insurance

MedExel has been managing medical funds for companies for 35 years now. As well as providing a thorough knowledge of the social security sector and medical invoices, we are also familiar with the needs of businesses.

2. Flexibility and customisation

Whether it concerns the collection of premiums or the management of hospitalisation or guaranteed income claims, our powerful IT platform is extremely flexible and modular, which means we can offer you a tailor-made solution that matches your insurance product perfectly.

3. Fast service

MedExel guarantees that claims are handled within 10 working days. We respond to e-mails and correspondence within 48 hours and those who call us do not have to wait long before they can talk to someone who can help them.   

4. Quality and friendliness

Our customers can count on a team of enthusiastic and well-trained staff. Every customer is different and equally important, which is why we continually invest in the in-depth training of all our staff.

5. Constant quest for optimal service

MedExel is committed to achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We always work in close consultation with our customers, with regular work and follow-up meetings. We also regularly organise internal and external audits, conduct satisfaction surveys and provide comprehensive reporting.

MedExel has a ISO9001 certificate.

"We chose MedExel because of its flexibility. A customised contract and solid support.We chose MedExel because of its flexibility. A customised contract and solid support.​​​​​"